The Model AF Plus

This signature signing machine can write personalized notes and envelopes with one of our generic writing styles or in your handwriting.

The Signascript Model AF Plus is an enhanced version of the standard Model AF for high volume users who need documents signed quickly, using any writing instrument, but also need the capability to incorporate the Signature Systems' simulated handwriting capability. The Signature Systems software provides users with the ability to convert spreadsheet data into simulated handwriting for personalized notes and envelopes.

Click on Signascript Model AF Plus to see a YouTube demonstration of the machine in action.

The simulated handwriting files can then be converted to Signascript machine files and stored on SD memory cards. Each card will hold about 500 notes or envelope addresses. The Model AF Plus includes the 500-page automatic paper-feed system and the ability to accept paper sizes ranging from 3 x 6 inches to 12 x 18 inches. As with all of the Signascript systems, the approximate 3" x 6" writing area offers writing options for holiday and note cards not available on other commercial signature replication systems.


Machine Dimensions:
Depth: 20 inches (allow additional 12" for maximum possible extension of writing head)
Width: 23 inches (allow additional for width of paper)
Height: 19 inches

Power Requirements: 110 volts, 1 amp (can be configured for 220 volts)

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