DAMILIC Corporation offers a variety of signing and equipment maintenance services for our customers.

Signing Services: For those customers who do not want to purchase a signature signing machine or add staff for special projects such as marketing, fund raising, or political campaigns, we will sign letters or certificates at our facility.

Equipment Rental: We rent all of the Autopen and Signascript machines we offer for sale. These rental units are typically used, but fully functional. Renting allows our customers to control their short run campaigns without making a significant equipment investment.

Signature Graphic Files: Customers seeking a quality signature graphics file for use in Word or WordPerfect can purchase them directly through us.

Custom Fonts: We can also provide custom fonts for use with Windows software and standard printers. These fonts are based on the customer's handwriting sample.

Equipment Maintenance: We service each signature signing machine we sell, either at our facility in Rockville, Maryland, or at the customer's location anywhere in North America, including Hawaii. [Complete list of machines we currently service]

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