Signature Systems®

Signature Systems products are computer software packages that can be used with Windows-based printers or plotters.


Using SignatureWare software, signatures purchased from DAMILIC Corporation can be edited and printed on a Windows-based printer or plotter.

Security provisions allow password protected access to the software and/or individual signature files.

Simulated Handwriting Software

The DAMILIC simulated handwriting program prepares files for "hand-addressed" personalized notes and envelopes produced with Signature Systems’ products (SignatureWare software). The software can be used in conjunction with a Windows-based printer or plotter. It selects characters from a handwriting style instruction set ("font" file) based on DAMILIC handwriting styles or the customer’s own handwriting. These letters are then connected together to provide continuous handwritten files. Since the basic font file typically contains several examples of the same character, there is little, if any, obvious repetition of the letters as the program connects varying combinations of letters.

The program accepts text directly typed into the program, or imported from a previously prepared text file or spreadsheet. Formatting options allow changes in paper size and margin dimensions. Writing output and line spacing can be individually scaled.

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