Signature Templates

The Autopen Model 80 and Model PT are each controlled by a plastic template to reproduce actual handwriting. These templates are produced from high quality Plexiglas to assure a longer life and reliable signature quality. Because these templates do not develop cracks or warp, no particular maintenance is required or even recommended.

An inverted template (signs upside down) can be ordered to accommodate oversize posters, documents, or certificates.

When ordering a template, be certain to specify your model since the templates are not interchangeable.

Click the template order form below to obtain a copy of our order form. Please be certain to provide shipping and billing instructions along with a telephone number when you place your order. In order to assure a high quality signature, you must provide us with the original signature. (Faxes distort dimensions and scanned files sometimes hide subtleties of pen motion).

We pride ourselves on the quality of our signature replication. Generally, we do everything we can to exactly duplicate your sample. If you would like more or less emphasis on a portion of the signature, please include a note with your order asking us to call and discuss the signature details.

Signature Template Order Form

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