The Autopen

The Autopen is the oldest, most commonly used signing machine. It has been used by universities, government agencies, and other institutions for more than 60 years. The Autopen machines provide high quality signature replication with any common pen, pencil, or marker. Their reliability is well established and the simple design combined with our telephone support results in minimum service costs. 

The basic machine can be used for signing certificates, correspondence, photographs, and posters, almost anything up to 1/4 inch thick. Factory modifications can be incorporated for signing books and sports memorabilia.

The Autopen has long been a tool for the world's most influential leaders, allowing them to more effectively apply their time and attention to important issues without compromising the impact of personalized correspondence.

These machines are very simple and easy to use. If desired, they can be special ordered to sign items such as books or athletic equipment.

The evolution of our manufacturing techniques has resulted in greater precision, allowing us to develop the Portable Tabletop unit (Model PT).

Autopens are used by thousands of organizations to personalize letters and certificates. The Model 80 is the most common Autopen used for general business and public service purposes, including office correspondence, direct mail materials, fundraising letters, diplomas, and awards. The signature/phrase can include icons or small drawings such as "smiley faces", hearts, or Chinese symbols. The signature size is approximately one inch high by three inches long (also available in larger format).

Model PT is Portable
The Portable Table Top Autopen writes signature sizes identical to those produced by the Model 80, approximately one inch high by three inches long. However, the Model PT can be stored or moved easily and uses a smaller template for easier storage.

The Plexiglas signature template (aka "matrix") provides the actual signature. They are rugged and long lasting.

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