Signascript Signing Machines

The imported Signascript signing machines are based on a patented* integration of the traditional Autopen with new technology precision electronic control. The result is a flexible, easy-to-use, and secure signing system.

Using any writing instrument, the Signascript models operate with unmatched speeds and the highest quality of signature reproduction. This timesaving device is most commonly used for general business and public service purposes, including office correspondence, direct mail materials, fundraising letters, diplomas, and awards.

High reliability and speed make these machines the product of choice for our most demanding customers.

Atlantic Plus With Light Panel

Convenient Signature Storage - The signature is stored either on a standard flash memory SD card or a small cartridge (2 ¾" X 2" X ¾").

Signature Security - For the AF, HF and Atlantic Plus, the administrator can define individual user codes. A maximum number of signatures can also be established for each user. The size of the memory device (card or cartdige) allows easy storage in a locked cabinet.

Generous Writing Area - The writing area for a Signascript machine is approximately 3" x 6", accommodating phrases and/or large signatures. The range of paper sizes varies according to the machine model, but essentially any size document can be signed by a Signascript machine.

Efficient Size - The Signascript machine can be easily moved between offices. Its "footprint" is only slightly larger than the documents it signs.

Model AF has automatic paper feed - The Model AF is designed for users with the need for a fast, flexible, 500 page, automatic paper feed system.

Models Atlantic II and Atlantic Plus- The Models Atlantic II and Atlantic Plus are small and easy to use. Both use any standard writing instrument such as fountain pens, ball point pens, and felt markers.

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