Atlantic II

The easy-to-use Atlantic II utilizes a standard flash memory SD card to store up to three signatures on each card. Simply turn the machine on, select the signature, and then sign almost anything by pressing the key on the control panel or the foot pedal. Its small size and light weight result in a very versatile signature signing machine that is easily stored or shared between offices.

The Atlantic II uses any standard writing instrument such as fountain pens, ball point pens, pencils or felt markers. An optional dual-barrel pen holder is available for oversized pens. It will sign documents ranging from large posters to the smallest of note cards.

The Atlantic II also signs a wide variety of items such as diplomas, books, DVD/CD covers, souvenirs, memorabilia, athletic equipment, business cards, stapled sheets and self-adhesive papers.

With an ordinary SD card reader/removable disk drive, signature files can be easily changed or updated. Both pen pressure and speed can be varied.

The Atlantic II always pre-positions the pen at the start of the signature, eliminating the requirement for a light panel (although this option is available for precise location of the signature). The cost, minimal footprint and weight, coupled with a larger writing area make this machine a very good choice as an upgrade replacement for the Autopen Model 80.


Machine dimensions:
Height 6 1/4 inches
Width 12 inches
Depth (writing arm retracted)
13 inches; Depth (writing arm extended) 18 3⁄4 inches

Weight: 16 pounds

Power supply:
110 volts, 1 amp (can be configured for 220 volts)

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